Luisa Pretolani

River Crossing is a new production company founded by veteran feature films, shorts and documentary director Luisa Pretolani.

Luisa is a writer, director, producer and the founder of the Draper Film Academy. Her career brought her to work both in New York and in London. Her film work – whether fiction or non-fiction – focuses on social or political issues and unique, intimate human stories.

Luisa has produced and directed programs for Discovery Channel, Al Jazeera International and ITV, such as: Italy’s Other Religion, Berlusconi’s Last Stand and People VS the Mafia and her acclaimed feature documentary (ITV) Mandy’s Choice, which, with great sensitivity, tells the story of Mandy Garvin, a young American widow who successfully stood up against the system to be allowed to harvest her deceased husband’s sperm in order to have his child.

Luisa co-directed with Massimiliano Valli a trio of inter-related features for VACA Produzioni: Tizca, Berbablu and Tanabess. Her non-fiction production works include Small Gestures in Bare Rooms, an intimate portrait of artist Lucien Freud, filmed at the artist studio; In Search of the Messiah, both works directed by filmmaker Tim Meara. Luisa has written the New York-based feature Different Kind of Love.

Whilst organizing the third year of the Draper Film Academy, a London community-embedded film school for young adults living at the Elephant and Castle, Luisa is developing new projects for River Crossing.


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